I’ve not been blogging much lately, mainly because of long hours in the office, and long hours in the pub – but I will try to put that right this week.

Last Saturday I went to my mate Gennaro’s 30th birthday party. I normally avoid parties at all costs (for fear of going mental at 2am and stabbing everyone in sight), but I thought I’d make the effort, just this once. And I’m glad I did.

I saw lots of old friends, and made some new ones. I was especially glad to discover that all the old friends are now bald. It’s nice to be among bald brethren (and not be at a Nazi rally). It was pretty much a family occasion, but all of Gennaro’s kith and kin treated me as family, which was really nice. I also met the elusive “Higgsie”, who I’d heard mention of in the past, but never actually met. He managed to get his head into every photo taken, and fell off of a wall.

I also met a bastard Jesus look-a-likey. No one seemed to know who he was or why he was there, but then that’s always the way with Jesus-a-likes isn’t it? Unlike the real Jesus, this Jesus was a tree surgeon. Or some such nonsense.

The party started in a pub, then moved to a house round the corner at midnight. Lots of loud ska music was played, which is totally my cup of tea. Spent most of my time in the back garden or loitering in the kitchen. I didn’t have much to drink – mainly because I don’t like Fosters or Jack Daniels – but I did dabble in some of the drugs activity going on upstairs.

I slipped away without saying goodbye, at about 3:30am, which is usually my way. A bad habit I know, but I hate saying goodbye to people.

Did I mention that the party was in West Wickham? Where is West Wickham? In the middle of the bloody countryside, that’s where! Had to catch 3 night buses to get home, and rolled in at 6am.

I ended up being snapped in some of the photos, but I’m not going to post any here, as I looked like a dorky spaz. Photogenic, I ain’t!


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