Old Sites, Old Friends… New Starts

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I made a website. I also used to write and draw stuff, until I got lazy and stopped, and started to drift through life. This was 11 years ago to be exact. And in that time I forget that I ever built that first website (even though today I earn my living – in part – from web design).

Recently, someone reminded me of this, and sent me the link to that first website – which actually still exists out there on the interweb. I found this very amusing (and I must admit, a little touching), and so I share the link with you:

Nunhead Morgue

It’s interesting  to note, that 11-years later, and at the age of 30 – my sense of humour, writing ability and web design skillset – has not changed or improved one iota.

Around the time that I made the website – I made friends with someone online – and it was they who sent me the link recently. In the years that have passed since then, we’ve stayed in touch – both online and via text – although we never actually met. Sometimes there were lengthy gaps in contact – this was due to me; I’m bad at staying in contact and I often disappear from the internet for long periods of time… But we’ve always got back in touch sooner or later.

Even so, I always felt that we shared a sense of humour and that we would get on well in real life. Today we met up for the first time.

I’m pleased to say that for me, I really enjoyed the day and I had a lot of fun; I felt like I’d known her for years. And in a way, I had. It’s a shame it was due to sad circumstances that prompted us to finally meet – but it’s funny how life works out sometimes. The person is going through a difficult at the moment, so I’d like to help them through it however I can. I really hope we get to meet up again soon.

While I’m on this bent, recently I’ve been meeting up with someone from primary school that I hadn’t seen for probably 12+ years. We get on like a house on fire, and there’s a lot of laughs when we see each other today.

The same thing happened with a mate from secondary school – we lost contact when we went off to university – and didn’t contact each other until a couple of years ago. Again, same story; when we met up again we continued where we left off and we still laugh and joke about the same things today.

To tie this back up with the website I made all that time ago – I guess some blokes grow up, and others don’t. I’m not saying I’m totally immature, and I don’t crank up Young at Heart by The Bluebells on a daily basis (honest!), but I’m glad I’m not quite passed it yet, and can still make time for friends.

The people mentioned here all read this blog – they know who they are – so this one goes out to them.

Peace out (and I hope you enjoyed the website).


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