No Pants!

Confession time!

I don’t have a washing machine as there’s not enough room in my kitchen (it’s the size of a shoe box). There is, however, a communal washing machine for all the residents where I live. This stopped working about a month ago. There must be a launderette somewhere in Camberwell, but I’ll be buggered if I can find one!

The result of this is that I’ve been hoarding up my dirty washing for weeks. I’ve been wearing the same clothes a lot more often then I really should, and my stockpile of dirty pants has been growing higher and higher…

On Friday I could bear it no longer, so I decided to take all my washing to my mum’s place to clean. This meant I had to take all my clothes to work with me, stuffed into a bag like some traveling tinker.

I got most of the washing done on Friday night, but none of my pants were dry by the morning. The only option was to “go commando” for the day. I announced this on Twitter for a bit of a laugh, and ended up losing 5 followers as a result.

Luckily, a pair was dry by Saturday evening as I was going out drinking in Brixton (and I really didn’t want to go to Brixton without any pants on). I had visions of the outrage it would cause there: “WHAT??  MAN IN THE TOILET’S NOT WEARING ANY PANTS!! RASCLART!!! GET HIM!!!!

I had to go and collect my bag of freshly clean, dry pants this morning (nursing a small hangover) – and somehow managed to leave them on the bus!

I could have called up the garage and told them that I lost all my pants on the bus, but it wasn’t really a conversation I wanted to have. Now I have only one pair of pants – and there’s some bastard out there wearing the rest.