Nix Nugent Gig

Nix Nugent gigged at the AAA Bar in South Kensington High Street on the 17th January. She was accompanied by her regular keyboard player, Rupert Piano Talent, and they played a bloody good set. I’ve known Nix since we went to university together – back in late 1900s – but I’ve only ever seen her sing once before. I actually promised to write a review after that gig, but I’m a very lazy bastard and I never got round to it. This time I’ve kept my promise and I’ll also be running a more professional review over at Penny Black Music.

I went with Diana – on a very cold, dark night with impending snow on the cards – yet the atmosphere at the gig could not be more different; the AAA Bar is warm, cosy and vibrant, and would be a great place to spend a Friday night. Nix suits this kind of venue perfectly with her larger-than-life personality, exuding confidence and charm in equal measure. By contrast, Rupert Piano Talent is a more laid back and methodical performer, completely attuned to the way Nix is taking the songs. “Improv” is the order of the day but you’d never know from the panache they display on stage.

Nix has a strong voice and a real knack for writing catchy and thought-provoking music. But there is also much humour in this music too. Highly recommended – check out her stuff at the next gig (details will be posted here when confirmed) – and in the mean time, listen to some off her stuff online.

I will write a full review for Penny Black when the site is next updated, but for now here’s a rundown of the songs they played:

Soul Song

Devil’s Tambourine

Horses That are Gifts

Desert Desire

Mother Earth





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