Nix Nugent Gig – Purple Turtle

Everyone should go to see Nix Nugent play at The Purple Turtle in Camden this Friday, 23rd September 2011. Nix is a very talented London-based singer/songwriter and her music will do you good.

I went to university with Nix sometime back in the late 1900s, so I can confirm her groovy credentials. In fact she’s off the Richter Scale of cool. I won’t spout off too much about her music now (mainly because I might have to write a review of one of her gigs one day soon), but you can check her out on MySpace, Tumbler, Twitter, Facebook etcetera.

Sadly, I won’t be at the gig this Friday – as I’ll be out getting some new ink done – but believe me, the gig will be wicked. Tell your friends.

Here’s the address:

Purple Turtle, 65 Crowndale Road, Camden Town NW1 1TN




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