Nick Cave at Victoria Park

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Victoria Park

On 3rd of June Nick Cave headlined the closing day of All Points East Festival in Victoria Park, East London. He was among a strong lineup, including Patti Smith, Baxter Dury, Bo Ningen, St. Vincent (nice tits!) and Psychedelic Furs.

2018 has been a quiet year for me regarding gigs and has so far only been noteworthy for the bands I didn’t get to see – mainly due to exorbitant ticket prices: Iron Maiden, Ghost, The The, Bjork, Beck, Jethro Tull, L7, Billy Idol, Sextos Rodriguez, Batushka etcetera. It’s a long bloody list! Anyway, with this in mind I was very happy to get to see The Bad Seeds perform again, having previously seen them for the first time in 2017 (although I did see Nick Cave along with co-nucleus member Warren Ellis, as part of their short lived side project, Grinderman, in Spain many moons ago).

The day was a success; the weather was sunny and despite the location, the place was thankfully lacking in hipsters. The only downside was that I somehow managed to miss Baxter Dury’s set and the beer was extremely overpriced. Unperturbed, however, I bravely drank through the pain barrier like a true Brit. All the bands that I did manage to see played superbly well although Patti Smith was rather heavy on the talking and poetry recitals instead of playing music, but when she did actually play, her music was top-notch.

When Nick Cave and his band took to the stage, they were as intense and brooding as ever, but threw in a few singalong crowdpleasers from their extensive back catalogue for good measure, including Deanna, Red Right Hand and the surprisingly lively and upbeat Jubilee Street. Kylie Minogue even joined the band onstage midway through the set to accompany Cave for the duet, Where The Wild Roses Grow; a song in which the protagonist batter’s Kylie’s head with a rock (which also features in my Top 5 Wank Fantasies). Another ballistic highlight was the angry (and funny) O’Malley’s Bar which gives Cave the opportunity to go absolutely berserk on stage – which he does.

At 60 years of age the singer has still got it, and with a career spanning 20+ years, doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. Go and see them if you get the chance!


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