Music Reviews 2011-2016

I feel it only fair to warn you that this blog post consists of two things I am obsessive about; music and making lists. It does not, however, feature any mention of tattoos, wanking or the dark arts – so on reflection it’s probably quite balanced.

As previously mentioned in an earlier post, I saw a fair bit of live music in 2017 and managed to tick off quite a few of the important “must-see” bands from my list here – including the likes of Rammstein, Rancid, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Mayhem. I also got to see some old favourites such as Madness and David Rodigan, as well as a couple of new acts such as Slaves. I also dragged my arse to Spain for a metal festival for good measure.

So far, 2018 seems to be following suit – Sheep on Drugs have played (marred by a tiny venue meaning that only about 6 people could squeeze in to see them) – but will hopefully be releasing a new album later in the year accompanied by a small tour. The Damned were on a couple of weeks back, who are my favourite British punk band and played a strong, crowd-pleasing set of classics. I also managed to see Cock Sparrer (finally!) last weekend, accompanied by fellow Oi/Skinhead/Punk pioneers, The Last Resort and Cockney Rejects. I didn’t stay to the end of this one – mainly because I didn’t want to make the journey back to Camberwell from North London in freezing-bollock-cold weather at midnight – but  still enjoyed the show immensely. And then this week I saw Gaz Coombes, who is always good fun, and whom I will go to see for as long as he is touring (Supergrass were my favourite band as a teenager no less).

Later in the year I am seeing Sepultura, plus I will be going back to Resurrection Fest to see Ghost and Megadeth. I’m also tempted by Beck and Bjork in summer, as well as Nick Cave (again) along with Patti Smith.

There’s been some disappointments too; The The have announced a tour (and that’s not a typo by the way!), which promptly sold out. Tickets are currently going for around a hundred quid, which I can’t justify paying. The Murder Junkies will also be touring – albeit in North America only – and as much as I’d like to be the man who flies to the states to see his favourite band, I’m not the man who flies to the states to see his favourite band. And besides, the band probably won’t turn up anyway. Iron Maiden, alas, are also too expensive to see this year, as are Saxon who are both touring in 2018.

Finally – I’ve put together a PDF of all my old music reviews from 2011 – 2016; partly because of my obsessive list-making tendencies and overbearing urge to document everything I do, but mainly because I’m an ego-maniacal narcissist who thinks everyone else will be grateful for me taking the time to do this.

PDF download of all reviews and articles

I’ve also included all the links to the original articles, that are currently hidden in the dark depths of the musical maze that is the Pennyblack website:

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