Tom Fogarty - Movember 2012

Movember: Fin

Having taken part in Movember for the second year running, I thought I would take the time to thank everyone that donated. I managed to raise £95 this year and totally smashed the £40 total I raised last time. I got lots of surprise donations from people I never expected, and that really cheered me up. My friend Paul, also drew a caricature of me (which I’ve already shared on here previously). That bastard incidentally, managed to raise over £200 for the cause… without even growing a moustache!

I took it quite seriously this time round, and pestered my friends  on a daily basis like a proper bastard “chugger”. The problem I have with Movember, and where it falls down as a charity fundraising platform I think, is that people join in because it’s fun – but not many actually bother to collect any money for it. I have been guilty of this in the past – which is why this year I decided to put some effort in. Blokes tend to get involved because they have always secretly wanted to try growing a moustache – but have been afraid to do so – they don’t want to have the piss taken out of them, they don’t want to look gay etcetera. Movember gives them a safe reason to grow a ‘tache, but they do not particularly care about the charity, and will not necessarily make any real effort to collect any money.

It’s for this reason also, that I won’t be taking part in Movember again. You can only really ask people for money for growing a moustache once, can’t you? After that you’re just being a nuisance. The novelty wears off.

When November drew to a close I decided to go the whole hog and grow a beard. It’s not a full beard by any means, but I am still pretty happy with the result. I look a bit like a homeless smack-head, or a picture of Bob Dylan I saw in the mid-70s where he appeared a bit bewildered, sitting in what looked like a mental hospital. I think I’ll leave it to grow until January (2013) to see what it looks like by that time. I’ll post pictures on here and write about it again, no doubt.