Tom Fogarty - Movember 2012 (by Paul Shinn)

Movember 2012

As usual, I’m taking part in Movember – growing a moustache to raise money for testicular and prostate cancer charities. I should probably bore you with some facts and figures about these diseases, but I can’t be arsed.

Two years ago I went for a big handlebar jobbie and last year it was the classic “Tom Selleck”. This year I’ve chosen to try and grow a decent “Hulk Hogan” or “Chopper Read”. It’s going quite well but it’s a bit wonky (and worryingly ginger).

There’s one week left and I’ve currently managed to raise a grand total of £25. If you want to see how I’m getting on (or if you would like to make a donation) – you can find my fundraising page here. I’d like to beat my total from last year, which was a whopping sum of £40…

My friend, Paul, is also taking part – albeit with a slight twist. Instead of growing a ‘tache (he’s beardy all year round) – he will be drawing cartoons of famous characters who sport hairy upper lips. I pestered him into a drawing me and you can see the fantastic results in the picture on the left (click for full-length image). He also made a donation on mine, which was nice! His drawings are really very cool and I recommend you check them out and make a donation here.

(After you’ve donated to mine, obviously)


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