Movember 2011 – Last Few Days to Donate!

This year I decided to take part in Movember (as already documented here). This means I’ve had to grow a moustache in order to raise money and awareness for testicular and prostate cancer.

As the month of November is almost over – there are only a few days left for those wishing to donate. Even giving a pound would help!

My Movember page can be found here:

I’ve managed to raise £30 so far (a tenner of which was from my mum). As there are 30 days in November, this breaks down to one quid a day (for looking like a knob-head).

In fairness it doesn’t take much effort to take part in Movember; it just requires that you don’t shave your top lip and wait. Although Race for Life doesn’t look particularly difficult either. Is that the one where loads of women walk through the streets of London at night, wearing pink bras?

Some women do that for fun anyway.




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