LunaChicks – Say What You Mean

Following on the musical theme this week, here’s another of my favourite songs. It’s from a (now defunct) punk rock female outfit back in the late 1990s – The LunaChicks. It’s not that polished, and they weren’t as well known as L7 – but it’s a song that never fails to cheer me up and transports me back to my teenage years again.

This song was featured on the soundtrack for Terror Firmer – a Troma film – of whom I’m also a massive fan. Troma make low budget independent splatter movies, and I got hooked on them when I was a teenager due to Troma’s Edge TV airing late nights on Channel 4.

A few weeks ago, I was getting a tattoo on my arse, and during conversation I discovered that the tattooist was a big Troma fan as well, and his bee-bop punk band hand been considered for the Terror Firmer soundtrack too. He told me this unprompted, before he knew that I liked Troma. I’ve never met anyone who’s even heard of Troma here in the UK before. It’s funny what you find out when you’re having indelible ink etched into your bum cheek.

I was watching the GG Allin documentary, Hated, recently – and Allin’s drummer ( clearly an acid freak and who refused to wear clothes, and had been imprisoned for flashing at children) – claimed to be psychically connected to The LunaChicks. What a great thing to claim.


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