Lucozade Bakake

Lucozade Bukake

A couple of months ago a work colleague showed me a picture at his Macbook. He was on the Lucozade website (no idea why), where they have a page featuring their products. As soon as I saw the picture, we both started laughing hysterically for about ten minutes. Then we continued to snigger for about an hour. After that I was laughing inside for the rest of the day.

Was it just us, or does this look suspiciously like gay porn?

If I had better photoshop skills I’d quite like to doctor this photo a little, but it’s not really necessary; it still suggests a homosexual facial cum shot to me.

Even the slogan sounds charged with innuendo to me: “Whatever you’re packing for, we’ve got it covered…

I  work a for a direct digital marketing company (or something like that). I think we do websites, mail drops, and campaigns for charities – but I’m really not to sure to be honest. Possibly some of the charities we work for save African babies, and I think another is dedicated to stopping farmers piling bricks up on donkeys. The finer details elude me. Anyway, we have creative briefs where concepts are thrown around before we start any actual work on sites/campaigns. I’m just wondering the thought process that led to the team over at Lucozade deciding a photo mimicking an excited gay receiving a heavy faceful of jizz would be a good way to promote their product?

Even if I’ve got their campaign logic wrong – and there is no gay porn symbolism here – why would anyone want to squirt sticky lucozade in their face. I’d personally opt for the jism instead…

Click the image for a better view.

PS. If you’re not sure what “bukake” is, I don’t recommend googling it at work…


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