Little Boxes

Been a while since I blogged, mainly because last week I had a stinking cold and at the weekend I had to do some hardcore revision. Strangely, I’ve been getting lots of blog hits this week – many more than usual. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Balls! Someone playing silly beggars, more like.

Anyway, during my time away from blogging – I also refrained from using Twitter – which I’ve recently become addicted to. On my return, I found that one of my favourite users has disappeared. In fact, she was probably part of the reason I started tweeting so heavily lately to be honest.

One of the last things she shared was this YouTube clip – it’s a song I hadn’t heard before – but now it reminds me of her. It’s called Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds, and now I share it with you (dedicated to Crystal).


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