List Mania 7: Drinking

I’ve been trying to lay off the booze recently because it’s not good my mental well-being (or my wallet).

Wouldn’t it be good though to be able to keep up with notorious drinkers like Oliver Reed or Alex Higgins – even if just for one week – just to see what it would be like? Well, no one could keep up with that pace. Both of those individuals are now dead, incidentally.

I thought I would take a note of every alcoholic, narcotic or chemical substance I consumed last week, and then scare myself in to sobriety at the end of it when I see the results. Here it is:

Saturday 8th December

Stayed at my mum’s place to avoid the demon drink. Had 2 glasses of white wine and 10 cigarettes. Standard.

Sunday 9th December

Had a bottle of alcoholic ginger beer at my mum’s, then had a spliff and 1 glass of absinthe (85% proof) when I got home. Plus the usual 10 fags.

Monday 10th December

Went to a developer’s conference after work with some colleagues. There was free booze but I showed some restraint; had 1 bottle of beer and a glass of red wine. Had a spliff before bed when I got home. The usual 10 cigarettes goes without saying.

Tuesday 11th December

This was the night of the Xmas work party. Quite a big one: 1 can of K cider, 1 pint of guinness, 3 glasses of white wine, 2 glasses of beer (with the meal), 1 gin cocktail, 1 whiskey cocktail, 6 pints of lager, 1 can of beer. 30+ cigarettes. Still got into work by 9am though!

Wednesday 12th December

Had a quiet to recover from the night before – just 1 spliff and 10 cigarettes.

Thursday 13th December

4 pints of guinness after work and 20ish cigarettes. 2 spliff when I got home.

Friday 14th December

End of a long week. 7 pints of lager after work and 20+ cigarettes. 1 spliff and quite a lot of ketamine when I got home.