List Mania 5: Tattoo Artists

It’s been a while, but I thought it was time for another Monday Night List Mania.

I’ve not blogged much lately because I’ve been doing long hours at work, which has pretty much made me hate computers in my spare time.

I decided to make a list of the tattooists I need to get tattooed by (including links to their websites where possible).

Duncan X – one of my all time heroes. Was in the band Sheep on Drugs. Works in London but has a very big waiting list and doesn’t come cheap.

Alan Graves – does colourful comic-style horror tattoos. I want a zombie off him.

Calypso Saga Moore – works at Into You. Does amazing bold Japanese pieces.

Thomas Hooper – does some very dark stuff. Coool.

Tomas Tomas – does abstract tribal stuff.

Adam Sage – does hand-poked stuff.

Jondix – from Barcelona, Spain.

Tas – does dark satanic stuff. Plays in the band Electric Wizard.

Crystal Willis – this is a personal one. She doesn’t work in a shop anymore…

Melissa Szet0 – does some good realistic shit.

Anu La Luna – does really good black and grey demons.

Fergus – tattoos from home. Was on the cover of Home Made Tattoos Rule.


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