List Mania 4: Punk Bands!

Not done one of these for a while.

Here’s my Top 10 Favourite punk bands of all time:

The Misfits – hailing from New Jersey (home of The Toxic Avenger), their lyrics were all about 50s B-movies and finding dead bodies in streams. Nice.

The Rezillos – best UK punk ever, featuring a very attractive and totally mental lead singer… Song titles include Someone’s Going to Get their Gead Kicked in Tonight and Destination Venus.

The Damned – another Great UK punk band, totally underrated. Appeared on The Young Ones. Wicked.

The LunaChicks – their songs featured in Troma films. Heavily tattooed punk birds, yeah!

The Ramones – amazing New York punk band. Blitzkrieg Bop!

L7 – pulling their knickers down on stage, tampons etcetera. Quality music too. Would have been too obvious to place them higher than the LunaChicks.

Skrewdriver – more of an Oi! band. Extreme lyrics, but then that’s what punk is all about. Not to all tastes, mind.

The Nips – Shane MacGowan was in The Nips (aka The Nipple Erectors) before The Pogues. I love Shane MacGowan and The Pogues.

The Clash – the reason the clash feature so low is because they’re too good to be a proper punk band. Love them to bits.

Also rans (nearly made it into the list, but not quite): The Ruts, Rancid, Black Flag, Stray Cats, The Stooges, X-Ray Specs, Sex Pistols.


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