Late Night Ramblings From the Void

It’s gone midnight and I’m still up trying to code a CMS (content management system) for work. I’m using the CodeIgniter framework – which I usually enjoy – but tonight it’s just not happening. I’m drinking red wine at the same time and that probably doesn’t help.

I was supposed to get this finished 2 days ago, but I’m having real concentration problems at work lately.  As soon I get into some PHP someone asks me to looks at their Blackberry, or moans that Outlook is slow etcetera etcetera ad infinitum. The really good thing about working from home is that it’s peaceful and it’s much easier to concentrate. But then again, I suppose the good thing about working from the office is that you’re never tempted to pull your pants down and have a wank. (Well, not often anyway).

And on that note, here’s a favourite clip of mine. I remember seeing this on a TV show called The Word – on a Friday night, back when I was about 13 or 14.  This was in the early-mid 90s, before the days of The Spice Girls and their frequent, annoying “nip slips” – and after seeing it I decided I wanted to be a punk. I also instantly fell in love with L7, and have been ever since.

If you’ve not seen it before – it’s worth watching till the end – even if you hate the music… Trust me.

Tomorrow night I’m meeting up with a friend for a drink, which I’m really looking forward to. The fact that the friend is attractive, funny and clever helps of course, but even so – sometimes I still wish this was the mid-90s and I was 14 again.


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