Kreashan "Jak D" Andrews – DJ

Time for a bit of a plug.

Kreashan “Jak D” Andrews is a really groovy House DJ, and a happening dude. He’s, like, seriously groovy. He’s based in London and across the South East, and he’s available for booking in clubs/bars/events etcetera.

More importantly though, he’s not one of those loud, brash, egotistical DJs – giving it all the big “I am” – he’s modest, funny and intelligent, and he lets his music do the talking.

He’s not just a House DJ – he’s big on Drum & Base, Dubstep and whatnot. Have a listen to his mixes online and see what you think:

(He’s also on Facebook/Twitter, if you want to give him a shout!).

And then once you’ve done all that – book him for your venues!