2014 has been a quiet year of gigs for me. Partly because of a lack of money and spare time – but mainly because I’ve not really made any effort to go and see any. Last year was similar to be fair, but I did manage to squeeze in a couple of quality bands including the likes of Queens of The Stone Age, Gogol Bordello and Misfits. I went to the Pennyblack Anniversary show in the early part of this year – which was very good and great fun – but that was about it. In total this year I’d seen Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Molotov Jukebox, Elvis Costello, Love Nor Money and Turbo Suplex (whom I get bonus points for as they’re fronted by a midget wearing a crash helmet, and I lost my glasses in the moshpit). Then, on the 4th of December I went to see Kasabian at the Brixton Academy (yes, I’m one of those who steadfastly refuse to refer to it as the Carling Academy).

I’d wanted to see them for a long time as I’d heard they put on a wicked live show, so was willing to fork out the hundred quid for the ticket – which seems to be the norm these days as everything sells out in 2 minutes. I’d booked up a few months earlier as a pick-me-up to battle the post-holiday blues I would be facing that week following a 3-week jaunt in Thailand and Cambodia. And I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

The 4,921 capacity venue (I checked) was totally rammed when I got there (we’re talking 2 hours early here), and everyone was clearly already completely off their faces already. Lager, coke and mandy were clearly the order of the day, so I made my way to the incredibly busy bar to get served. Inevitably, I had queue for 40 minutes in order to get a pint of extortionately priced watered down piss (also known as Tuborg), and so crammed in was I, that I ended up wearing half of it by the time I squeezed myself out of the bar-mob. Money and time well spent there then.

I enjoyed being sober at a gig for the first time, even if I was surrounded by 4,920 wankered #LADS and the show lived up to everything I had hoped. All their tunes are lively and anthemic, and the sound system was cranked up loud. The only slight disappoinment was that they didn’t feature a banner stating that “London is full of cunts” as they did in Glasgow, but that’s a minor quibble.

I’ll definitely be seeing them again in the future, and at least I can say that I saw them when they were good.