I’m Back! (new job)

So I’ve not been blogging much in the last fortnight – most of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I’ve been “coding some PHP”, but that’s about it. Well I can now announce that as a result of this – I have a brand-spanking-new job as a junior web developer. I really cannot put in to words how happy I am about this (and not just because I won’t have to do any “tech support” any more). The team I’m going to be working with are really nice and cool (if they’re reading this – Hi guys!), and I’m very excited about the projects I’ll be working on.  I totally messed up my interview and test but they hired me anyway, which was nice. I have 2 weeks to get to grip with Zend framework before I start, wish me luck…

In addition to this I’ve had a barrage of good fortune lately that started after that pigeon shat on my head (which just goes to show that it was good luck after all).

Firstly, after I complained about the lack of cleavage on National Cleavage Day – a beautiful girl sent me a picture of her lovely cleavage. I love small gestures like this – although the cleavage wasn’t small –  totally unexpected and really made my day. She lives in America but she she’s coming to visit the UK in May, so I’m determined to meet her and get her to tattoo my leg.

Then on the following day I had a double-dose of good luck; a very nice chap agreed to let me do some online journalism in exchange for some free gig tickets and CDs – something I’ve always wanted to do. Then a horse I bet on in The Grand National came second and won me a tenner. A small victory, but a victory all the same.

This was followed by a phone call out of the blue that made my night. Abbie is an ace web designer/developer/SEO expert who I’ve been bantering with on Twitter for a while. This banter led to a drunken telephone conversation at 2am on a Sunday night (technically morning) . I really enjoyed the chat and it was laugh-out-loud funny – I instantly felt like I’d been mates with Abbie for ages, although we’ve never met. Again, sometimes it’s the small, unexpected gestures that really count in life.

It doesn’t end there – I have more stories to tell – but I’ll continue tomorrow night…

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