Joana and The Wolf

Went to see Joana and The Wolf yesterday with my friend Paul. It was at Club Ugly @ The Social (just off Oxford Street).

They are a really cool band and it was a fun evening. They were supported by a band called Gilbert who were also quite interesting.

Their music is a bit punky/electronic and the lyrics are quite dark, which I like. I first saw them playing at The Curzon Cinema in Soho 2 years ago and I’ve been a firm fan ever since (it was An American Werewolf in London on at the cinema that night..).

I’m also re-designing their website for them at the moment – coming soon!

In the meantime check out their songs on MySpace.

And here is Gilbert’s page (if you care):

Here be Photos!

(Courtesy of Paul Shinn –  check out his artwork here)

Joana and The Wolf…

Me. Looking like a “special kid” on Jim’ll Fix It. Or maybe just drunk.