Joana and The Wolf – Secret Garden Party

I should be blogging about the destruction and all the rioting currently going on in London, but I’ll save that for tomorrow. Instead I’m going to share a clip of Joana and The Wolf at Secret Garden Party 2011.

You can’t see me in the video, but I was to the right of the camera, dancing about and taking drugs.

They’re  on tour now but they’ll be playing their only London gig this summer – 16th August: The Lexington, 96-98 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JB.

That’s actually on the same road as Pentonville Prison, where a former colleague of mine now spends his days (but more of that in another blog post).

So anyway, next Tuesday that’s where I’ll be. At The Lexington – not Pentonville Prison. If anyone wants to come along, give me a shout…