Joana and The Wolf – KOKO Gig

Went to see Joana and The Wolf at KOKO last night. I thought it was a really good show – the best I’ve seen yet. Sadly I didn’t take any pictures though.

I’d been looking forward to it and planning the night for about 2 weeks; originally about 6 people were meant to be going, but in the end it was just me and a friend that went. I was able to get free tickets as I’m doing their website, which made it all the more sweet. Have I mentioned that I’m doing their website before? (Again and again and again…)

They’ve got a single coming out in May and they’re a must-see live band in my opinion. Can’t wait for the album too.

So anyway, the gig was at Mornington Crescent, near Camden Town. I was quite excited as I haven’t been drinking in Camden for about 10 years – since I was at university in fact. Went to a pub nearby – a good little place – and had a few drinks and a laugh before the gig.

The band were on at a place called KOKO – where I’d never been before. One of my friends who was meant to come along did warn me beforehand, that KOKO is cursed. Obviously, I sniggered and dismissed him as stupid old woman…

Got inside and loved the place, must have been converted from an old theatre or something. Had a few more drinks, then the band came on. As I said earlier, really loved the music – it was a cracking show. Joana and The Wolf were actually the support band, but they blew the main act away. I was itching to dance, but unfortunately didn’t get the chance.

So I had great company, had just seen my favourite band – and was generally feeling like it was the best night out I’d had in ages. It had been a long week of work, but I would have happily stayed until closing time (whenever that might be). Then suddenly at about 2:30am something strange happened. I had this really strong feeling that the mood of the night had changed – and I don’t even know now why I felt that way all of a sudden. I became convinced that it must have been something that I had said or done – and the weirdest part of it is that I felt like I was watching the whole thing in some sort of out-of-body experience, just watching the whole night crumble.

With the benefit of hindsight – I think I just got “the fear”. I’ve been getting it quite a lot lately, normally at 6am after a heavy session the night before. And I’ve not really been sleeping or eating too well, in addition to drinking and smoking too much. Never had that sort of experience out in public before. I really need to get a grip, before I end up like Charlie Sheen. (Winning? No, you’re most certainly not, mate…).

Just to make the situation worse – I then decided to call my friend after we’d gone our separate ways, to try and explain the way I was feeling. In one fell swoop erasing any doubt (if there had been any in the first place), that I am in fact, a complete nutcase. Shitballs. And hence this post. Got home at about 3:30/4am, thoroughly ashamed. Then woke up in the morning bright and early – no hangover, clear of head – but full of regret. Shitballs again.

Yesterday my friend who couldn’t make it – asked me how the night went? I told him how I went completely spastic in the wee small hours, and then I was reminded of the KOKO curse he had warned me about. And I’ll leave you with his sms/text reply:

Told you! I chipped my pelvis, cut my head open and lost a girlfriend on three consecutive nights out in that place – cursed doesn’t even begin!


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