Hybrid Moments

If I could go back in time to see any band in their prime, I think I would choose The Misfits – a horror punk band from New Jersey, fronted by Glenn Danzig. The original lineup wasn’t around for long in the late 70s – and I don’t think they were ever actually good – but their songs and performances were certainly enthusiastic.

Most of their lyrics reference old horror films (a genre that I also love) – and they were an entirely different kind of punk band than had emerged from New York around the same era. New York punk bands in turn, were totally different from those of the UK punk scene.

They wrote short, speedy songs – even by punk standards – and they’re the kind of band you either love or hate. They’d never grow on you over time.

Though I’m a massive fan of all forms of punk rock – for my money – only GG Allin, The Rezillos and The Damned come close.

Here’s a music video put together by a fan. It features lots of classic/cult horror film scenes, and I love it!


GG Allin, Music, Video


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