Hom Sweet Homme

My blog always suffers during the summer, and with this in mind I find myself under considerable pressure this month to write something good. It is usually at these times that I am stricken with writer’s block; and so it is now. Waffling on about cemeteries, tattoos and my wanking habits will simply not cut the mustard.

My thought process often gets hijacked by random, ridiculous ideas; notions about new gameshow formats (Don’t Drop The Baby, Through The K-Hole among others), comic strip concepts (such as Ghost Cock or Lager Mouse) or imaginary punk bands (The Rectums, Itchy Rick and The Scratchers…).

For example, what would happen if Queens of The Stone Age frontman, Josh Homme teamed up with famous Chinese cooking expert, Ken Hom to make a concept album? Josh Homme is no stranger to collaborations, having previously worked with the likes of Iggy Pop, as well as forming super groups, Eagles of Death Metal and Them Crooked Vultures. These credentials would make him the perfect candidate for such a project (in addition to the name). Ken Hom on the other hand, could bring his flare for oriental cuisine and stir-fried culinary skills into the mix (in addition to the name).

The band would obviously be called The Hombres, which seemed the natural choice, and their first album should be something that incorporates both of their names; Hom Sweet Homme, say.

I’ve taken the time to mock up an album cover and track listing for this project, and this also explains to a large extent why this blog continues to fail month by month.

Driving Homme for Christmas
Where I Lay My Hat, That’s My Homme
Sweet Homme Alabama
Homme to Roost
Homme is Where the Heart Is
Long Way Homme
Subterranean Hommesick Blues
There’s No Place Like Homme
Letters From Homme
Mama, I’m Coming Homme