Hi-de-Hi Campers!

I’m going on holiday to Butlins this weekend in Somerset. For anyone not in the UK, Butlins are those cheap and cheerful holiday camps that sprang up here after the war. They provided kiss-me-quick fun and light saucy entertainment. And Somerset is the place where they milk cows, drink scrumpy cider and mainly eat apples.

Then around the 70s international travel became more affordable and the Brits went abroad to get pissed on their holidays. So Butlins died.

These days, Butlins has become the site of music festivals off-season, which is what I’m going to. The Event is called The Nightmare Before Christmas, and details can be found here.

Bands playing include Battles, Caribou and erm… Gary Numan! Best of all though, is that I get to stay in a chalet instead of a shitty tent.


  1. Brian Goldring

    Hello, this is me having my regular nose at your blog, still as funny as ever, defo needed, now back to learning Java :(

  2. Brian Goldring

    I seem to have trouble keeping what I learn in my head,never used to be like that!!

    Either my brain is to full of 30 years of crap or i’m just getting old!!!

    Take your pic?

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