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Hello world!

So I’ve revamped my site after a long hiatus and I thought I’d kick off by using the classic “Hello World!” blog post. I’ve tried to make the site a bit more funky and easier to use.

(See how the site used to look in the photo on the right)

I’m also trying to promote this site as more of a personal website – yes, I’m a web developer for my day job – but that’s only part of my life. I’m also a music writer for Penny Black, so I’ve included reference to that as well. Hopefully this way, I can separate my personal life from my work life a little bit online. Basically, I want people to come here to read my blog and find out more about me as a person – without dwelling on PHP and HTML5 too much. It also means I can say what I want on here without it reflecting too much on my career.

I’m going to be re-doing my other site – focussing on what I do for a living. It will use the latest web technologies, and the aim is it for act as my professional portfolio i.e no mention of tattoos, GG Allin, binge-drinking and the like.

This easiest way to navigate this blog is by browsing through the archive listed on the left. You can also browse by category, handily grouped into sections such as “London Life”, “Woe”, “Tattoos” and “Moustaches” etcetera.

Popular Posts is also a good place to browse…

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I’ve set up a new Facebook page to go with site and I’ll probably get that finished off at some point this week:



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