Hate Mail

I remember ages ago someone gave me this advice about websites: when you set up your own site, at first people will ignore it, then your friends will like it, then you will gain some new fans that you’ve never met before. And then you will start to get hate mail.

Obviously I’m no stranger to angry online messages (I am the creator of The Gary Glitter Twitter Bot after all), but this one I received yesterday is particularly good. I have absolutely no idea what she’s talking about, but then it’s not every day you get an email from a stupid American cow is it? Her name is Sally Cevasco and she lives in Maryland, presumably in some sort of mobile home or something. I was very tempted to include a photo of her face for you to laugh at but then decided against it. I might post all kinds inappropriate filth on here, but I won’t post a photo of a munter. She’s no spring chicken either. Judging from her Google+ profile, I’d say she’s about 50 – which only makes her email seem even weirder. Bloody mental case.

Anyway, here’s her charming email (if you know what it means, please let me know):

she didn’t spell  judgement  on her body idiot. i’m sure if she dedecid to tatoo this blog on her tits she’d have the spelling right. that’s the humor in the post right there.a0just keep your nose in the books and do what teacher tells you. you’ll come out of college all smart and ready to make tough decisions





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