Happy Halloween

Being a morbid child, I always used to love Halloween. But then I grew up and got cynical, and now I don’t.

This year I decided to make the effort though, and it didn’t involve any dressing up: Misfits CDs, bottle of red wine, ouija board, Halloween on the telly. Sorted.

I bought the ouija board a few years ago, but I’d never got round to trying it out. I had originally intended to try it on acid, or while drinking absinthe – but that sounds too gothic for my liking. And as mentioned earlier, I am a cynic.

The instructions on the box said it takes 2 people to get the board to work; preferably man and woman. That buggered my chances of communicating with the dead somewhat then. It also says to wait up to 5 minutes after asking your question, and try to clear your mind.

Is anybody there?“, I asked in a very solemn tone, and sat patiently with my eyes closed for 5 minutes (looking like an absolute cock). Fuck all happened. Just before the 5 minutes were up the radiator made a strange creak all of a sudden, which almost made me jump 2 feet in the air. Apart from that, nothing else happened.