Happy Birthday Tom Fog: Part 2

As previously mentioned, my birthday this year was somewhat overshadowed by the sudden death of rock legend, Lemmy. Following suit, David Bowie decided to drop down dead a few days later, and then Alan Rickman had the audacity to kick the bucket as well – effectively eradicating my birthday celebrations from the nation’s collective consciousness – the selfish bastards. Taking this into account, I’ve decided to list out some celebrities who – like me – are born on the 28th of December.

Chas Hodges

One half of Chas ‘n’ Dave, famed for writing classics such as “Rabbit” and “The Sideboard Song“. Chas was knighted in 2013, mainly for being the only celebrity of his generation who isn’t a paedophile, but also for his songwriting ability and charity work.

Denzel Washington

Highly acclaimed actor, Oscar nominated for his performance alongside Tim Robbins in the Shawshank Redemption. Other memorable roles include the wise-talking hitman in Pulp Fiction and as Porkpie in Desmonds. His wife, Whitney Houston, tragically died from a drugs overdose in 2012.

Sienna Miller

Notorious porn star who once famously dated Jude Law. Has small tits but amazing cocksucking lips. Her skills include A-levels (which is bum sex in layman’s terms) and gangbangs.

Stan Lee

Cartoonist who created Batman and founded Viz, not as good as Alan Moore but still quite popular.

Woodrow Wilson

The 28th president of America, who was also a highly acclaimed inventor. Some of his noteable gizmos include the seed drill, the washing machine and the knitting needle. Sadly his tenure was eclipsed by his ill-fated decision to invade Poland.

John Legend

A DJ or something – not to be confused with John Sergeant.


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