Happy Birthday GG Allin (and Michael Jackson)

Yesterday (29th August) was my hero, GG Allin’s birthday. Well it would have been – had he still been alive. Despite being a massive fan, I only found this out through Twitter, where lots of Murder Junkies fans were tweeting about it.

I’ve spoken a lot about Allin before, but just to reiterate; no one in rock and roll has ever been more hardcore. On the run from the police, fighting with his fans, destroying things (including himself), and rolling around in his own shit on stage. See a clip of him performing here.

By a strange coincidence, I also found out on Twitter, that yesterday was Michael Jackson’s birthday. Well it would have been – had he still been alive. Do you see a pattern emerging here?

There are actually many striking similarities between these two musicians, although there are stark contrasts as well. One of them was a renegade performer, brutal and imposing, courting controversy, causing offence whilst parading around naked, abusing people and generally causing havoc. And the other one was GG Allin.

Both were totally uncompromising, and lived fantastic yet tragic lives. Both had hard upbringings, tormented by overbearing fanatical parents – which probably shaped their careers and, later, deviant ways. Neither of them compromised in any way, leading to several court cases being raised against them. Public reaction to these icons was either hostile or fanatical; nothing in between. Both were ultimately self-destructive in nature, and died before their time – forever to be idolised by people like me.

Both epitomised the true nature of punk rock in my humble opinion.

Interestingly, I have tattoos dedicated to each of them: Michael Jackson Tattoo and GG Allin Tattoo. I’m getting the RIP GG one done again soon by my mate Carly, and I’m really excited about it. It will be a professional job this time, although it will still be done at home.

I’m also planning on doing an article on GG for Penny Black Music – properly researched and everything. Watch this space.

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GG Allin, Music, RIP


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