Shit Goose Graffiti


I was having a walk through central London the other day, when I saw this graffiti at London Bridge and it made me really happy.

Firstly, I liked it because it’s childish and crude. Secondly, it made me laugh because “Piss Flaps” was the name of a pub quiz team I was on a few years back. Notice how we used the correct spelling of “flaps” (unlike the graffiti below)? We may have been obscene… but we weren’t ignorant.

The main reason I enjoyed seeing this though, was because it reminded me of the graffiti I used to see as a child. In those days it wasn’t all squiggly gang tags like today, but lurid offensive statements, political slogans and the like. I miss seeing that.

I always wanted to try out graffiti (proper graffiti – the kind you see along railway tracks) when I was younger, but I never did. Mainly because it involved walking along the railway tracks I think. I still designed by name in big letters just in case though, as can be seen here.

I’d still like to give it a try now to be honest, but it’s not really something you go out and start doing at the age of 30 is it – drawing on walls? I never tried skateboarding or punk rock drumming either, but wish I had.

Piss Flaps by Tom Fogarty


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