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Google Re-Indexing

So I’m still waiting for Google to re-index my site, but the bastards don’t seem to want to do it. Basically, what I want is for them to list instead of I don’t have a lot of patience.

At first I did the sensible thing and I simply redirected the old domain to the new one, but I got bored of that. So now I’ve made a “Tom has moved” page instead.

I got the idea while I was checking out the website of a friend of a friend. He’s called Thomas Flintham and this is the page:

It’s based on the now defunct Teletext page and I think it’s really cool (if you check out his CV there’s some pretty impressive things on there, but I think this is better). In fact, I wish I’d thought of the idea first.

Changing the subject, Google Analytics can tell you some interestings things; for the past 3 days someone has found my site by searching for “Tom Fogerty Spider Web Design”. The funny thing about this is that they know my company name, but misspell my surname (which proves it’s not my mum at least). I wish I knew who it was.

I also get quite a few hits from people searching for “Liam Sparkes Exhibition”. I hope they’re not too disappointed with what they find here, as I’m a big Liam Sparkes fan.




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