Goodbye Soho

I like Soho. I’ve been a fan for a long time and for the last two years I’ve had the pleasure of working there (as a web developer I hasten to add – not a rent boy). But even before that I was fascinated by the place, perhaps because my hero Sebastian Horsley lived there, or maybe because of the sentimental alcoholic ballad by The Pogues, A Rainy Night in Soho.

The main appeal is undoubtedly the danger and excitement of Soho; it has a vibrant energy as seen in the many pubs, restaurants, tattoo parlours, sex shops, gay clubs, brothels, art galleries etcetera on offer.

It comes alive at night and the area has loads of great pubs (and a fair few shit ones too) – whether you’re looking for a cheap Sam Smith’s boozer with sexy barmaids or a fancy jazz bar like Ronnie Scott’s, I’ve been on many a drunken adventure there and have managed to get myself barred from at least two places and met lots of interesting characters along the way. I’ve also had at least three tattoos done there and met some crazy Swedish tourists at least twice. And I’ve fallen in love once.

Still, nothing lasts forever, and last week the office where I work moved to Hoxton. I’m in two minds about the place at the moment (although the new office is amazing); all the locals tend to be one of two extremes; Hipsters or drunken smackheads. Obviously I prefer the latter as I find wife beaters so incredibly charming.

But that’s enough about Hoxton. The music video above is by The Soho Hobo, Tim Arnold and it’s from his latest song called The Piccadilly Trot (featuring Kat Slater off Eastenders). I’m a big fan of his stuff – all of which tells the story of Soho – and I’ve seen him play in the area a few times and he always puts on a good show. It was actually filmed about a week before my office moved out, and features a flash mob in the very street where we worked. More importantly, it features The White Horse pub; the local where I fell in love with a lovely little barmaid.

So long Soho xxx


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