A Good Week

The highlight of my weekend has been cleaning the toilet. Only joking (they say it’s good for morale).

Had a good, busy week. Met the other writers at Penny Black for a wee dram, went to a noise rock/necromantic gig on Halloween and got to interview the band, Arabrot, and then last night went to see The Evil Dead trilogy at the Prince Charles Cinema.

I’ll post about all these things separately because I can’t be arsed now.

I was in such a good mood that I didn’t even mind when I got home from work on Friday and found that all my book shelves had fallen down, scattering my books all over the place and pulling all the plaster out of the wall. To be honest, seeing as I put them up – it was bound to happen sooner or later. Luckily they didn’t break the telly, DVD player or lava lamp directly below, so every cloud and all that?

When I first walked in I thought the place had been ransacked by thieving gypsie bastards. I was half expecting to find a “little present” left on the mat.

In other news, the moustache is coming along nicely although I still have no donations (tight-fisted bleeders):





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