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I was speaking to someone the other day (I can’t remember where, so it was probably at the pub) – who said they had saved every ticket from every gig they had ever been to. I was suitably impressed by this, so decided to cast my mind back and list out all the bands I’ve seen. Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive list, as my memory is notoriously bad – but I have tried to be as thorough as possible. The rules to this list are simple; I have to have seen the full set (the odd 5 minutes of a support act do not count). What surprised me, was how few there are, as I would have assumed I’ve seen hundreds of bands – but this is not the case (77 individual bands in total).

More than anything else, this list will serve as a reference for me in the future, so probably will not of interest to anyone else. These are not in any particular order, simply the sequence in which I remembered them.

Curtis Stigers
Seen this bloke about 4 times at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club now, I usually take my mum for her birthday and she’s a big fan. I’ve also reviewed one of his shows for Pennyblack here.
The Pogues
Always loved these Irish pissheads, seen them 3 or 4 times in Brixton (for their Xmas show naturally).
Seen them a couple of times in Brixton, fucking wicked stuff.
Great band, saw them at Mad Stock. Hopefully I’ll them again soon.
The Blockheads (without Ian Dury)
Still a top show, even without Ian. Highly recommended.
Plan B
Decent. Blogged about this previously here.
Jessie J
Fit but shit. Saw her on the same lineup as Plan B.
These were my favourite band as a teenager and I managed to see them at their farewell tour in London.
Gaz Coombes
Lead singer from Supergrass. Seen him doing solo stuff a few times, always puts on a good show.
Massive band, massive show and very loud – my ears were ringing for days afterwards. Hopefully see them again soon. Blogged about the gig here.
Bo Ningen
Crazy Japs, well worth checking out, even if only on YouTube.
Saw them on their reunion tour this year. The singer isn’t as hot as she used to be, but I still would.
Only got into this band recently, saw them this year.  Good show.
Tankus The Henge
Seen these 3 times, first time at Secret Garden Party. Good fun.
Massive fan of these, one of my all-time favourite bands. Shit gig sadly, but glad I’ve seen them. Reviewed here.
Queens of The Stone Age
Saw these at Wembley. Very expensive tickets but worth it.
Turbo Suplex
Fronted by a midget who wears a crash helmet and a leather jacket. That’s all you need to know.
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Overrated live band ( but they do have a good album).
Sheep on Drugs
One of my favourite bands. Don’t play often, but worth checking out. Reviewed here.
Shed 7
Saw them on their reunion tour a couple of years ago, which is very strange as I hated them as a teenager when they were first around (and I still hate them now).
Big band for me as a teenager, saw them on their reunion tour a few years back. Glad I did.
Really really good. Seen them twice. `Previously blogged about one of their shows here.
Scissor Sisters
Super slick live show, catchy tunes.
Electric Wizard
Satanic Metal. So loud, so good. Seen them twice now.
The Fall
Saw these this year in Brixton. Classic band, worth checking out.
My current favourite indie band but I’ve only seen them once. Will definitely go again next time they tour.
Molotov Jukebox
Seen these lots of times, reviewed here.
Sadly split up now, but these were a great London band. Saw them loads of times, here’s a review of one of their gigs.
Tweak Bird
Saw these at the Lexington, can’t remember much about it to be honest.
The Layabouts
Cool Spanish band that I reviewed and interviewed for Pennyblack here.
Only Joe
Rasta band I saw at Secret Garden Party in the Badger Tent. Enough said.
Idiot Bastard Band
Despite my love for Ade Edmondson and Rowland Rivron’s comedy, this was complete wank. Reviewed here.
Saw these for their reunion show this year, probably in my top 3 gigs ever. Reviewed here.
The Blackout
Went on a date for this one. Not really my cup of tea and I didn’t get a shag afterwards.
PJ Harvey
Saw her at Primavera Sound and accidentally rubbed sun tan lotion into my eyes at the same time. Previously blogged about the experience here.
Also at Primavera (see above). Highlight of the whole festival for me.
Great band. Saw them in Spain, headlining a festival at 3am.
Seen these 3 times, all at festivals. They never disappoint.
Exactly the same as Battles; 3 times, 3 festivals, decent.
Kept expecting Johnny Rotten to start flogging butter on stage.
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Good old fashioned Rock & Roll. Seen them a few times.
Macaulay Culkin & Pizza Underground
Very bizarre show, mainly attended by hipsters. Worth seeing for the novelty factor though (I think the rest of the tour got cancelled).
Flaming Lips
The singer ran out over in the audience in a massive hamster wheel, but I can’t remember what the music was like.
From Montreal
Canadian lunatics (in leotards).
I’ve always liked their music but they’re shit live.
Bob Dylan
Rubbish. Never pay good money to watch an old man wank.
Good band. The singer looks like pat Butcher these days.
Soho Hobo
Huge fan of Tim Arnold’s work. Seen him 3 times now, previously reviewed here.
Gary Numan
Gorgol Bordello
Crazy bloody gypsies. Good fun, did an hour-long encore.
Chas ‘n’ Dave
Seen these boys 3 times and I’d see them again. First time I saw them was on their farewell tour (which was so successful, they promptly reformed a few months later). Blogged about the show here.
Go West
Took my mum to see these for her birthday a few years ago. MILFs everywhere.
Norwegian Noise-Metal band. Reviewed and interviewed for Pennyblack. Very nice blokes.
We Were Evergreen
French fuckers.
Rubber Bandits
Funny paddies in scary masks. I reviewed them here.
Nix Nugent
My mate. Fit. Great singer who writes her own songs. Reviewed here.
Cave Painting
Saw them at XOYO, reviewed them here.
Buster Shuffle
Seen these a few times and reviewed them here. Good band.
Male Bonding
Bloody hipsters. Not a fan.
Pissed Jeans
Very angry punks. “Fuck off, we hate you“, they screamed. Great stuff.
Dreary bunch of tossers.
Big Boy
Fat fuck-face more like.
Strange lads with bad haircuts. Made a right din.
The National
They made my ears bleed (in a good way).
Fleet Foxes
Happy sods, this lot. Not really my cup of tea.
Future Islands
Really good band. My mate described their lead singer as “looks like Phil Collins with ADHD”.
Silver Apples
Would you like to see a really old man playing techno music? No, neither did I.
The Budos Band
Can’t remember much about the gig, so I must have been very drunk or very bored.
Bitch Magnet
Great name, shit band.
KT Tunstall
Surprisingly good. Saw her performing at Secret Garden Party and afterwards, I stripped off and jumped in the lake (as you do).
Tim Minchin
Silly man, who is an unfunny comedian for his usual day job. Saw him performing a music gig at Secret Garden Party a few years back.
Florence and The Machine
Overrated self-indulgent bollocks.
Christy Moore
Highly acclaimed by some (not by me).
Badger Badger
Seen these a few times at Secret Garden Party and Hootananny Brixton.
Love Nor Money
Fit birds who have some good tunes. Saw them at Brixton.
Elvis Costello
Saw him at Kew Gardens last year doing his solo acoustic stuff. Unfortunately I don’t like his solo acoustic stuff, but still had a laugh while there.
And here are some bands I’d still like to see (excludes dead bands like The Doors, Mayhem*, The Clash, Lunachicks, Elastica, Skrewdriver etcetera):
The Damned*
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds*
Iron Maiden
Wu-Tang Clan
Cock Sparrer*
Murder Junkies
Dead Kennedies
Sleaford Mods*
Caravan Palace*
Kuler Shaker*
Van Goffey
Marilyn Manson*
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes*
S Club 7
The The
Prefab Sprout/Paddy McAloon
Rocket From the Crypt
I’ve actually managed to see all bands marked with an asterisk (*) since this article was written. See updated list below.
Updated: 2016
Kuler Shaker
David Rodigan
The Damned
Caravan Palace
Sleaford Mods
Updated: 2017
Bastards (Resurrection Fest)
Noctem (Resurrection Fest)
Devil Wears Prada (Resurrection Fest)
Benighted (Resurrection Fest)
Airborne (Resurrection Fest)
Comeback Kid (Resurrection Fest)
Suicidal Tendencies (Resurrection Fest)
The Black Dahlia Murders (Resurrection Fest)
Anthrax (Resurrection Fest)
Holocausto Cannibal (Resurrection Fest)
Anima (Resurrection Fest)
Killus (Resurrection Fest)
Teething (Resurrection Fest)
Northlane (Resurrection Fest)
Legacy of Brutality (Resurrection Fest)
Annihilator (Resurrection Fest)
Wisdom in Chains (Resurrection Fest)
Architects (Resurrection Fest)
Truckfighters (Resurrection Fest)
Enter Shikari (Resurrection Fest)
Rammstein (Resurrection Fest)
Napalm Death (Resurrection Fest)
Morpheum (Resurrection Fest)
Mutant (Resurrection Fest)
Adhesive (Resurrection Fest)
D.Y.S (Resurrection Fest)
Arch Enemy (Resurrection Fest)
Conan (Resurrection Fest)
Lords of Black (Resurrection Fest)
Mastodon (Resurrection Fest)
Taake (Resurrection Fest)
Rancid (Resurrection Fest)
Mayhem (second time this year, Resurrection Fest)
Soul II Soul
De La Soul
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds


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