GG Allin Funeral

This week I’m heading up to Staffordshire for a family funeral on Monday. I’m not really looking forward to it and it’ll be odd to see my family after so many years, but still, at least I’ll get a day off work.

Rather than dwell on my own boring affairs, here’s a run down of rock icon, GG Allin’s funeral:

GG died on 3rd July 1993 following a heroin overdose. His final show on the previous night had ended in a mini-riot, culminating in GG stampeding down the street throwing dustbins while being chased by the police. He was totally naked and covered in his own blood and shit. Plenty of footage from this can be found on the internet, or in the excellent DVD, Hated: GG Allin.

GG had an open coffin at his wake, and his body was not cleaned up – still bloodied and caked in excrement. He was wearing a leather jacket, cowboy boots and a jockstrap. Nothing else. Fans placed drugs and alcohol around him, and his brother, Merle, placed earphones on him, blasting out tunes from the Suicide Sessions, recorded some years earlier.

Classy do.


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