Geek Skull Sticker – What Does it Mean?

Does anyone know what this sticker refers to? Or where it comes from? Or where I can buy some?

I first spotted one stuck to a bus-stop at The Elephant & Castle about a year ago. It was very cold and late at night, and it instantly cheered me up – so I took this picture (see above).

Then recently I saw another one at Waterloo Station:

I really REALLY want to find out where it’s from!


  1. Ian

    Reminds me of Shepard Fairey’s Andre the Giant graffiti. I used to see that everywhere for a while. It’s some kind of a viral graffiti image that you’ll probably see more and more. Have you ever seen ‘Exit at the Gift Shop’? Highly recommended if you like stuff like this.

  2. Iain

    …I thought I left a comment here but didn’t seem to work.
    This reminds me of Shepard Fairey’s Andre the Giant symbol. I used to see this everywhere, partly as a consequence of Fairey working hard to try to make it seen everywhere. Looks like some kind of viral graffiti image. Watch ‘Exit Via the Giftshop’ if you haven’t seen it…

    1. spiderwebdesign

      Thanks for your comments Iain – I’ll definitely be checking those out! Remember seeing “Known” graffiti all over the place in South London – is he still going?

      Might pop along to Ticket That Exploded tonight – is it the last one before Xmas?

  3. Ian

    Ah, so I did leave two comments.
    Nah,there is one more TTE – 17th Dec. Come to that if you can. I actually have met ‘Known’. He lives round here.
    He’s in a band called ‘Known’ and I’ve put them on once before. His real name is Lewis, I think.
    Well done with the Ackroyd. I’ve been meaning to get round to that one for years. I read his novel on John Dee (a fascinating character), but it was no good.

  4. Iain

    Not me, our drummer Ben. It’s still by no means finished – anything we’ve done’s been painstakingly slow and learned as we go along.
    We have a new bassplayer now so it’ll need new info, photos etc, etc…

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