Geek News – Site Updates

This is one for the tech-minded out there, it’s basically just a rundown of the recent site updates I made last week.

I spotted a bug on the photos page in Internet Explorer, where the rotating flash box was rendering below the Picasa feed. The 2 photo feeds consist of 2 separate PHP functions that get included when the page is rendered. I found I hadn’t closed a div tag in the picasa-feed function, and that was causing the problem.

The actual Picasa feed itself wasn’t displaying properly in IE either, so I created a new CSS file that hides the feed in Internet Explorer browsers (temporary fix).

I tidied up the Twitter feed on the homepage too – narrowed the width of the box, tidied up the graphics in Photoshop, and styled it with CSS a bit better.

Oh, and I spotted a typo on the homepage too – must have been there for bloody ages, staring me in the face!




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