Gazza Glitter

True story this. One evening after work a few months ago, I was relaxing in the flat, Gary Glitter’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Part III pumping out on the stereo. Next thing, there’s a knock on the door. I doubted it would be an opportunity to bond with the neighbours; more likely it would be a complaint about the noise of some sort.

When I opened the door, two policeman were standing there. Before I had a chance to think, “We’re looking for a child…” they announced. While I was stood there with my massive handlebar moustache and Gary Glitter chanting “COME ON, COME ON” on the background. I panicked somewhat, and all I could manage to blurt out was “It wasn’t me!“. And then they thanked me and left.

I don’t know if this displays a certain amount of ineptitude, or remarkable astuteness on behalf of our police force; either they ignore glaring warning signals, or they knew that for me to be a paedo would just be too obvious.

The media have  strange relationship with paedofiles. They are over-zealous to denounce famous kiddy-fiddlers and show their hatred – but as only as long as they are a bit odd to begin with. In effect, the media want kids to be molested so that they can show their disgust. But if the crime is suspected by someone cool – like Pete Townsend of The Who – it gets brushed aside.

Here’s a genuine advert that Gary Glitter made in the late 80s. What on earth were they thinking?!

Follow the link and read the comments below the article – very funny stuff. Is it ok to laugh at stuff like that?

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