Gary Glitter Twitter Bot

Behold! The Gary Glitter Twitter Bot

It’s alive…

PLEASE NOTE – The Gary Glitter Twitter Bot was developed as a joke. I am not a nonce, I do not run paedofile rings.

Now, onto the post…

I was bored over the festive season, so I decided to do some PHP coding and make something useful. But then I made the Gary Glitter Twitter Bot instead. This all got started because I had a bout of insomnia last week, and Tweeted “I am bored“. Half an hour later I noticed that I had been retweeted by some Bored Bot. This then got me thinking about what kind of Bot I would make if I had the chance?

I toyed with a few ideas first (No-Pants Bot, Skinhead Bot, Rasputin Bot, Clockwork Orange Bot etc.) – before it struck me – Gary Glitter!

How it works is this:

Saved a Twitter search for “Gary Glitter” and pulled the results into a PHP generated page on my server:

This URL is then used with Yahoo Pipes to create an RSS feed here:

I then used Twitterfeed to post it through to the @garyglitterbot Twitter account.

Then every half an hour it auto-searches for “Gary Glitter” tweets and copied them (5 at a time). It’s not working 100% properly yet as it doesn’t actually retweet the results – it just copies them and tweets (basically stealing) – although it does provide a link back the original source.

Still,  it’s my contribution to the world and I’m very proud.

LATEST UPDATES – all bugs mentioned above are now fixed. The Gary Glitter Twitter Bot now retweets properly. “COME ON, COME ON…


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