Friday the 13th Tattoo

About a year or so ago, one of the tattoo shops around the corner from where I work in Soho were doing a special Friday 13th offer: get a “13” tattoo for just £13. Anyone who knows me well (which is probably only about three people and my mum’s cat), would know that this is exactly the kind of opportunity I would jump at.

I went along after work (and a couple of pints) and took a couple of my colleagues along with me to film it. It was originally the idea that the Video Department at work would edit the footage into something cool, but sadly that never came to fruition. Probably because they were busy doing real work or something.

I might try and edit the video myself one day – although this is highly unlikely – but in the meantime you can view this short clip from YouTube (I basically just took out all the bits of me talking to the camera and grimacing in pain).


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