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Finger Tattoos Rule

A couple of years back I had a diamond tattooed on my thumb. It had no specific meaning to me, I just thought it would look cool. I had it done on a whim at the London Tattoo Convention, having spent about 15 minutes considering it beforehand. And I have to say, I’m very glad that I did. It triggers a lot of conversations (mainly in pubs) with people that would never normally bother talking to me. It’s a substitute for being interesting I suppose. Anyway, it was done by Stefano C from Frith Street Tattoos, who also did the snake on my leg recently.

A year or so before that I’d had a moustache etched on to the side of my finger – to commemorate the shaving off of a massive moustache I’d grown. Although very simple and incredibly silly, this has probably proven to be my most popular tattoo over the years. It’s been mentioned in job interviews – jobs which I have then gone on to get. As long as you’re not covered head-to-foot, tattoos draw people towards you. I know I’ve mentioned this loads of times on here before, but it’s true, and it’s part of the reason I have no regrets in choosing to go under the needle so many times. Tattoos can open doors, rather than close them.

I’ve been thinking of getting something done on my other thumb for some time now, and when I was bored over Christmas, I was browsing the internet looking for some inspiration. If you Google the phrase “best finger tattoos”, one of the top hits is a site called 45 Astounding Finger Tattoos. “That’ll do me nicely“, I thought – but was then astonished to find a picture of me on there! Admittedly I was number 45 in the list, but I was still quite chuffed all the same. Have a look at the site (and scroll right to the bottom…).

I was even more happy than when I found myself on Inked Guys some time back (those aren’t real tattoos after all).



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