Film Roundup 2010

Went to see Machete today, mainly because I was bored and I just wanted to escape from the flat. It was quite good fun and cheered me up, but I find Robert Rodriguez films are lot like Quentin Tarantino films i.e good soundtracks, good action sequences and funny… but always overlong and with a tendency towards foot-fetishism.

Around this time last year I did a film roundup of my favourite movies of 2009, but I’ve not seen many new films this year (I have seen lots of old one though at Prince Charles Cinema, NFT and Curzon Soho..).

Anyway, I’ve seen:

The Human Centipede – best film of the year, original and creative – but not for the easily-offended or squeamish!

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans – best Nicolas Cage film in years. Very funny – many clips of him going mental included in this montage.

Jackass 3D– not bad – better than expected, but not as good as the others. Previously reviewed here.

Burke & Hare – not bad. Best John Landis film in a long time. Previously reviewed here.

The Social Network – better than I thought it was going to be, but probably as exciting as film about the inception of Facebook could be…

Wall Street 2: Greed Never Sleeps – well, Tom sleeps. Gives out the message that wealth can buy the respect of your neglected daughter. Or something like that.


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