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Facebook Begone!

I decided to delete my Facebook account this week as it was getting on my nerves. The only thing is, my blog hits have plummeted as a result. That’s still not enough to make me sign up to facebook again. Yet.

The main problem I have with Facebook, is that instead of being a useful tool for keeping in touch with friends – it becomes more of a competition; who has the most friends? Who is tagged in the most photos? Etcetera

Now normally I consider myself too aloof for this nonsense, but I ended getting drawn in to it all. My original intention for signing up was to promote my websites and this blog. And I did have some success with this (averaging between 45 – 100 hits per day). Now alas, I get 2 visits – if I’m lucky.

The trouble with Facebook is that there’s a fine line between posting genuinely funny/interesting status updates – and being a pest! And I found myself pandering to the audience too much i.e posting updates that I thought would get the most replies, rather than saying what I wanted to say.

I also started waking up in the morning, only to think “Oh my good lord! Who did poke last night?“. And when that statement is in a cyber-sense, rather than a real physical sense – you know that it’s time to change your life.

And there’s also the problem of colleagues adding you as friends…

Having to build up followers to this blog organically might be more of a challenge, but at least I don’t have to feel ashamed with myself after every status update…




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