Electric Wizard - Shepards's Bush Empire 2019

Electric Wizard – Shepard’s Bush Empire 2019

Dorset-based doom-metallers, Electric Wizard, played Shepard’s Bush Empire on 17th October; a one-off UK show, following their 2018 album, Wizard, Bloody Wizard, before embarking on a small stateside tour to bring 2019 to a close. This was my third or fourth time seeing the band live, and as expected, they did not disappoint.

Perched up in the rafters, I was well away from the chaos in the moshpit below, but the heavy wall of sound emanating from the stage was no less brutal and intense. Electric Wizard certainly make an impact when they perform, and the set consisted of a mix of crowd-pleasers from their extensive back catalogue of unholy dirges, plus a few from their latest offering mentioned above.

This was a show of old-school heavy metal of the highest calibre and I was clearly the least hairy person in attendance by no small margin. In fairness, this is not an unusual occurrence for me – unless I’m attending a skinhead rally or an over-70s barn dance – but I feel the effect was exponentially increased amid the throng of rockers at this gig. The audience mainly consisted of stoners, goths, Charles Manson acolytes, Rasputin lookalikes – and me. There were plenty of flares brazenly worn too, so I didn’t feel all that bad.

Songs of murder, frug-taking and satanic ritual engulfed the packed venue and the keen audience were enraptured by the heavy barrage of thunderous guitars and deafening drums. Highlights from the set include the psychedelic Incense for The Damned, grimy dirge Dopethrone, and of course, the hellraising epics, Funeralopalis and Black Mass.

Naturally, I didn’t manage to take a single decent fucking photo (as you can see), but the band really went to town with their set design; playing against a backdrop montage of vintage horror depicting Lina Romay enchained against an altar whilst being dowsed in blood from a golden chalice, naked beauties frolicking about with glazed stares of murderous, lustful glee, and Anton Szandor LaVey being creepy. Now personally, I can’t help but admire a band who decorate their stage with loads of large breasts.

Strong support was provided by Conan and Church of Misery, and the show drew to a close against imagery depicting ballooning mushroom clouds of atomic destruction, nuclear desolation and some trippy lava lamp patternry. There was no encore but they really didn’t need to; they’d given the fans everything already.

Fun facts:
Electric Wizard were conceived in hell and were torpedoed to earth via lightning bolts fired out of Satan’s arsehole.

Lead singer, Jus Osborn, has a penis covered in razor sharp barbs that tear asunder sacrificial virgins on the Altar of Metal. This acts prevents his hair from falling out or ever turning grey.

When not on tour, recording in their studio dungeon or digging up dead bodies in the local graveyard, band members unwind by chasing rabbits, jumping in puddles and eating toast.




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