Tom Fogarty - Halloween 2012

Drink Up!

I’ve been drinking quite a lot lately so I thought I’d share some of the pictures from my latest drunken (mis)adventures.

I do like a drink – it has to be said – and I’ve had some bloody good fun while out boozing. But I’ve had some really dark times too. That’s the main issue with alcohol (besides the exorbitant price); it takes you through the full gamut of emotions – everything from joy through to anger, bitterness and sorrow. It will give you the courage to talk to that bird in the corner, but it will also make you send an inappropriate text to an ex-girlfriend (or any female friend in general) in the middle of the night. So for these reasons, I’m going to try and cut back a bit this month. Let’s see how that goes…

Anyway, that’s enough about my woe, here are the photos:

Tom Fogarty - Halloween at Grand Union 2012

This one was taken at my local pub on Halloween. The featured image over on the left is also from the same night. I didn’t turn up looking like that – they decided to paint my face at the bar and I really had no say in the matter. Forgot to take it off before I went to bed.

Tom Fogarty - Big Chill, King's Cross

This was taken at The Big Chill in King’s Cross with some of my old work mates. If you look closely you can see that I’m being sexually abused by my mate with “busy hands”. I look quite happy about it.

Tom Fogarty - Soho

This was taken at 3am in Soho. We’re in a rickshaw that isn’t moving. The cleverly positioned beer bottle is a nice effect.

Tom Fogarty - Carnaby Street

This was taken in Carnaby Street a few months back. For some reason there was a piano out in the street under a plastic sheet, so naturally me and a complete stranger decided to play it.

Tom Fogarty - Secret Garden Party 2012

This is me dancing on a big bale of hay at Secret Garden Party 2012. I’m very lucky I didn’t fall off and break my neck. I also jumped in the lake while I was there. Again, it’s a miracle I didn’t drown.


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