Dog Bite

Dog Bites and Full Moon

Last Saturday morning I was bitten by a dog!

I had to get up early and go into work on a cold misty morning, so I wasn’t in a particularly happy mood to begin with. I was on my way to the bus stop, walking past the housing estate when this big dog ran round the corner up ahead and started bounding towards me. I thought it was being playful so I leaned forward and put out my hand towards it…

It didn’t bite me on the hand, however. Instead it ran past me, did a U-turn, came back and sank it’s teeth into the back of my ankle. The bloody brute then ran back the way it came, wagging it’s tail (evidently very pleased to have mamed a friendly stranger in the street). No sign of an owner.

I’m so tough that I went into work – refusing to limp – and didn’t mention it to anyone. Didn’t get any tetanus/rabies shots either.

Tonight it’s a full moon in London, and I’m quite disappointed not to have turned into a werewolf (probably means I won’t be going to bed with Jenny Agutter any time soon either).

Inspect the damage (one week later).

Tom Fogarty - Dog Bite


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