Happy Easter (Cliff Richards is Satan)

I thought I should do a blog post about Easter, as today it’s – like – Easter! I’m not religious in any way (except maybe for keeping my hair short and listening to The Misfits), and I’m not a lover of chocolate, so it’s not really an important holiday for me – but it is nice to have 2 days off work.

To be honest, I don’t really understand the ritual of Easter and how it works. For example, if Good Friday marks the day that Jesus died – why is Easter on a different date each year?

Also, if Jesus had to die to atone for all of our sins and save the human race – and it was Judas who killed Jesus – doesn’t that mean that Judas saved the world? Shouldn’t people be grateful to Judas and worship him instead then?

Someone who’s often on telly at this time of year, banging on about God, is Cliff Richards. Well, don’t trust him – I’ve always had my suspicions that’s he’s really evil – and today I’ve found conclusive proof.

Here is a video clip of Cliff Richards in Satanic garb, singing about some demonic slut that he used to shag (and worship, no doubt). She was called The Devil Woman. (The song is introduced by Noel Edmunds, who is a hellish fiend of entirely different proportions; beyond evil).

Happy Easter!