Chris Brown Neck Tattoo

Chris Brown’s Silly Neck Tattoo

Some people in the office were talking today about Chris Brown’s new neck tattoo. I had no idea who Chris Brown was, but as soon as tattoos were mentioned I took a bit of interest.

It turns out that Chris Brown is a rapper (or something like that), and he used to go out with Rihanna. I had no idea who Rihanna was either, until I remembered that I saw her at Hackney Weekend earlier this year. Although actually, it might have been Jamelia. Or Beyonce. She did a song about having an umbrella.

Anyway, getting back to the point – Chris Brown beat Rihanna up while they were going out. Properly beat her up; black eyes, non-custodial sentence – the lot. This is not something I approve of. It’s not big or clever and it’s certainly not something to make a joke about. Although in fairness, after seeing her perform at Hackney Weekend – I’d quite like to bash her about the head with an umbrella.

The gist of the conversation at work was this: Chris Brown has had a tattoo of Rihanna with a beaten up face done on his neck! (see picture above)

This was when I got really interested. After a quick root around online, it turns out it wasn’t a portrait of his pummelled ex-girlfriend at all, but “a combination of a Mexican Day of The Dead skull… and a design by cosmetics firm, MAC”.

Erm, ok. Something even more ludicrous then!

I most admit, I was a little bit disappointed when I found this out. Even though it would have been in extremely bad taste and totally offensive, it would have been interesting. Instead, it’s just a rubbish tattoo. As I’ve mentioned on here many times – I do enjoy FTW prison-style tattoos. Tattoos that show your social class, tattoos that ruin your life. I remember when I was about 12 or 13, I used to see an old punk rocker walking along New Cross Road on my way to school. I’d guess he was on his way to work (or possibly a drop in centre), but he had the lovely phrase “EAT SHIT” tattooed on his forehead. No doubt a charming man.

The only good thing I can say about Chris Brown’s neck tattoo is that it’s very crudely done. Judging by the quality – for a man with a lot of money to spend – he obviously doesn’t believe in spending top dollar for his tattoos. And I like that.





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